Wiscasset voters favor keeping “Redskin” nickname

Wiscasset, Maine (AP) March 2011

Voters in the coastal Maine town of Wiscasset say they want to keep “Redskins” as the nickname for the high school and its sports teams.

In a non-binding referendum last week, residents voted 279-53 in favor of keeping the name.

According to The Times Record of Brunswick, the Wiscasset Board of Selectmen voted to ask the public its opinion on the matter to show the regional school board how Wiscasset residents feel about the school’s moniker.

The name has been up for debate since September, when the Maine Indian Tribal State Commission asked the school to stop using the “Redskin” name because it was considered offensive. The regional school board, which oversees schools in Wiscasset and seven other towns, has the final say.