Oceti Sakowin - Sacred Stone Camp - December 2016

Veterans from the United States and around the world descended upon the Oceti Sakowin (Sacred Stone) camp north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to protect thousands of Indigenous and environmental water protectors, set to prevent a billionaire's oil pipeline project, called Dakota Access from drilling under the Missouri river.

This video has scenes from Sunday December 4th when the build-up of 15-20,000 people took place in anticipation of the deployment of veterans to the front line to confront ParaMilitary forces of the Morton Country, North Dakota police who had shot people with water cannons in freezing temperatures, several different kinds of rubber bullets at the faces of water protectors and journalists, and injured individuals by shooting concussion grenades into crowds and people. Law enforcement officials were found to be lying on several levels and during incidents in which live video and recordings, proved their denials false. It also has scenes from Monday Dec. 5th, the day when the potential conflict would have occurred except for a decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to deny the drilling easement permit, and when a huge and brutal blizzard moved in.

This is not a video of the battles for the Standing Rock or the blockaded 1806 Highway bridge seen in this video, nor the illegally active drilling pad,  but a look at some of the other events inside, and around the Oceti-Sakowin camp on those winter days.

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