Water is Life - LCO Harvest Camp in Penokee Hills

Over the objection of all Wisconsin's 11 tribes and many citizens in the region, Republican legislators authorized an out of state, out of country corporation the right to mine the Penokee Hills of a 22 miles long iron ore poor deposit from an Open Pit, despite all kinds of environmental water and air quality issues.
    The Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa instead authorized the establishment of an off-reservation harvesting camp in order to facilitate an inventory of resources, and assess the potential of long term sustaining tourism and harvesting opportunities under the idea that this old mountain range would rather some day become the Penokee Hills National Heritage Park. And instead of waiting around, the people in these pictures broke bread with the earth and set up camp during the spring of 2013. Enjoy the first of many pictures from the Penokee Range.   (PLEASE  RESHARE THIS PROGRAM)   #RFKvisitPenokeeHill

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