Ricey Wild: Two rabbits in every pot! (one is not enuf)

News From Indian Country

That’s it! That’s really it! I’ve had it, I can’t stand it no more! I have to run. Not from being one step ahead of the Law, no, not for my life either or to be first in line at the commod building when they have the good stuff, like the block commodity cheese. No, this time I am way serious, I am running for office in Rezberry. I have a calling, and I am going to answer it, no more looking at caller-ID and debating whether to pick it up.

See now, I, Ricey Wild... I lived in the Big City for most of my life, so I grew up as an urban Indian. Before that time I ran around being 1-12 years old, barefoot, a happy, brown little country Indian girl. I used to think that everyone's feet were as hard as mine, able to tear over gravel, glass and ruts in the road. Then we up and moved to the Big City, my Mumz, my little sis and me, and utter zoncko cultural shock it was! (I ain’t been the same since.)

I would not have been able to describe it as such back then, lets just say I have had the benefit of growing up after the American Indian Movement (aka AIM). That means there were programs for us Indian kids in place, language being the most important (thanx Rick Gresczyck, Margaret Sayers and so many others!) and other things like, oh! Indian Upward Bound which prepped us little brown greasy kids for college.

So I was lucky, and I know I continue to be so. My Mother and her Mother’s generation before them fought for us, for their kids and grandkids to have it better than they ever had a chance for. These people walked straight into the firing line and said, “Thats it!.” All of us Indians benefit from their fierce love and yes, their many sacrifices. I grew up seeing and living this and now, it’s my turn. This is who I was bred and born to be. I have a voice and I’m gonna use it. I don’t have a loudmouth for nothing, ay?

I moved back to Rezberry in the first place to care for my Gramma Rose, whom I have mentioned many many times in this column, bless that woman. When her hubby died, my dear ole Grampa Steve Shotley, I made a deathbed promise to him that I would take care of her, he need not worry, she has me. For real. Just ask him. But then I moved here before I thought I might, and at first it was hard (way wayyy hard). Like, one of the first questions I had was, “where can I get a fresh baguette?,” and no one knew what that was, never mind a Kalamata olive or feta cheese (Whaat?! ick!).

Yes, I was a Indian-City-Snobb and I still have not learned how to make frybread. I have since, however, learned how to make my own shoes, moccasins, so there. I got props! Anywayz to continue, I moved to Rezberry. I’m here still, despite some folks who thought I would run (there’s that word again!) “home” so fast my four-inch high heels would leave skid marks on the freeway.

Here it turns out this has been “home” all the time. My dear dear Rezberry!

So I clicked my red sequined moccasins, and ended up here, at home. So now, I have a duty to my people... my campaign promises are many and varied. Like I will work for all the people, not just a few, you know, them. I promise to listen to all my constituents’ concerns (far and wide) and do my best to implement them, and I will fight for them (Grrr!). And that’s just to start!

Ahem! Here are my campaign promises so far:

1) Two rabbits in every pot! (one is not enuf)

2) Coupons for said bunnies if none are available at the time.

3) At least one good spare parts car in every yard.

4) I will adopt everyone who votes for me.

5) Your dogz or catz will be enrolled if they vote for me and donate $$ to Rezberry’s animal shelter.

6) A nap room for those elders who are gambling and just wanna take a small break, hey we got a new hotel!

7) An I-phone for all.

8) No questionable travel expenses.

9) Makings of Dumplings for the Bunny Soup, bunnies or not... I’ll provide the broth.

10) Make sure no buffalo goes uncounted

I have the wonderful benefit and experience of being in both worlds, urban and rez. I know who I am and where I come from. How freakin’ cool is that? I get the bigger picture, I totally get it. Here I am, a gorgeous (well, in my opinion, it’s the good genes in my family wink-wink) Indian woman who has so much to offer Rezberry and the world beyond! So vote 4 me.

All right I admit it. I am a political junkie. I have admitted that before. This time it has nothing to do with politics. I have studied and researched the past, live in the present and want above all, for us Rezberrians to exist as a sovereign people in the “future,” which is right now.

It’s like my Unk Gene always used to say, “It ain’t easy being an Indian on a ballot... what can you do for me?”

Me? I just like nice people who know how to fight. For the right causes... you wit’ me?