It ain’t easy being Indian... upcoming implications of election

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country 10-08

The implications and results of this upcoming presidential election cannot be more serious. All humor aside, I encourage you all, the readers of this column, to register to vote if you have not done so already. Be heard. Use your rights as an American citizen and cast your ballot. If you do not, if “the other guy won” and you are pissed, you have no cred whatsoever to whine about it. What happens in the near future in our, and I do mean “OUR” country as Native Americans may be up to you. Go. Do it. Or, in the parlance of our pan-Indian language, “G’wan then!”

I will be there. I have been voting since I turned 18 and have exercised my right to vote in every election. I treasure that right, and also the one where as an american, we have the right to free speech. That being said, George Bush and his administration were so disgustingly and horribly greedy, made such asses of themselves and we as a nation globally, that even hard-core Republicans didn’t want him, or Cheney, at the Republican National Convention. Yowch.

Now, the beauty of our nation is that we can agree to disagree and don’t have to commit suicide bombings to make our point. What we do is vote to make our opinions heard. Here is mine: are the Republicans so desperate for votes as to nominate (gag! retch!) Sarah Palin as Vice Prez? Yes they are. How sad and pathetic. Really. This self-described “hockey mom,” a rabid pit bull (I see it) who wears cheap lipstick with absolutely no credibility whatsoever could literally be one heartbeat away from the presidency. President of the most powerful, influential and wealthy (so far anyways) nation in the world.

Yikes. I encourage those of you who think that because she has female genitalia that she is in possesion of a heart. Or compassion for that matter. Her policies are horrendous regarding conservation efforts and global warming, not to mention overturning Roe vs Wade. Sarah Palin is a last-ditch effort to get the discontented “Hillary” vote. I like Hillary. She has morals and a keen sense of what is good and right for the American people. Had she won the nomination I would have voted for her. Not because she’s a woman, no, because of everyone who was running I trusted her most to make good on her word. She also endorsed Obama after a fantastic fight. I’m proud of her.

That’s why I’m voting for Barack Obama. Here is a man with no surreptitious, nefarious agenda to make his cronies, if he has any, more wealthy than Midas. This man knows what it’s like to be an American and has lived the dream. Obama’s nomination is what we have fought for in every war or confrontation the United Stated has ever had. He worked for everything he has and earned it, and makes no apologies for what the vicious and venomous and very desperate GOP have lied about him or his credentials to be President.

There’s so much more to say, like, “are we better off with the GOP or without them?” (DAH!)

“What makes shooting wolves and moose okay or fair from a plane?” She is called “Sarah Barracuda” for a reason. Just how does being caught behind enemy lines and being a POW for years qualify you for the presidency of the USA? Did McCain plot his campaign while imprisoned? I am less inclined to trust McCain because hey, he did get captured. Plus, why is 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s pregnancy a “personal family matter” when Repub’s lambast other girls, who are Native, Latina and Black, as evidence of the fall of our nation and the waste of it’s dollars?

Personally, and with no hate, I wanna see how Bristol does bringing her kid up on welfare. Whatcha gonna do then Grammy Sarah? I so have yer number. 666.

If nothing else in this column inspires you to vote, at least have some compassion and consideration for Tina Fey. She sez she don’t wanna “play” Sarah Palin after November 5th. It’s like my attorney said, “You can dress up like a lawyer, it does not make you one.” Or lipstick on a pig, it’s all the same thing... My name is Ricey Wild and I approve this message.