It ain’t easy being Indian: Wishing yooz all the best and happiness!

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country 1-09

Once upon a time... there was an adorable little Indian girl who did not want to share her toy with her six month’s younger cousin. It was a toy the little girl had not played with for a long time and would not have missed if lost or tossed.

But the littler kid had it and was having a heckuva good time knawing and spitting all over it, and that really pissed off the little girl. Adult Indians in the room said, “Let her have it, she’s a BABY.” What?!! Well now then. It had only been minutes prior that the little girl had been THE baby, the princess, the chosen one.

The beautiful little girl had very clearly stated over and over that the toy was “MINE.” In anger and frustration, (well she could not have named those particular emotions at the time, I mean c’mon! She was a little kid) the little girl hit a rocking chair in her Grandparents’ living room.

Guess what happened next? Well that ole rocking chair rocked back, and knocked that naughty little girl right off her little feet. Yep. It’s called “Karma” and it is real.

My Gramma Rose loves telling that story about me in fairytale form. I never get tired of hearing it, and Rose never gets tired of embellishing that story (our family tradition).

In my most saddest, miserable and awful moments I can always call her or my Mom and feel better. And to me that’s what matters most, my son, my family and friends. My editors too, btw, you all rock and I am wishing yooz all the very best of New Year’s and good luck happiness!

Back to Karma.

Now, I got a book in me or at least an essay regarding this non-phenomenon. You get back what you put out, for instance goodness, compassion, love OR hateful acts, words and intentions. So simple really. Who can’t figure that out?


Answer: Serial killers, rapists, liars and those who protect them. Like the cops who let the Windigo Jeffrey Dalhmer get off so many times prior to his eventual arrest. Ick. Disgusting.

My point here is that I had a really sucky year, and yet? I got a late Christmas present, one I will savor and enjoy for the rest of my life. Yeah. That ain’t sucky at all. I have it damn good right now and I am praying that yooz will look into your personal past year and acknowledge the blessings that came your way. That is my New Year’s wish for you.

I have to repeat this: what a year. Dang does Barack have a hot body!                       Purrrr!

I read this one blog/comments site where Americans were saying to Russia, “My President can beat up your President.” Of course he can and will... who wants to vote for a smelly old, fishbelly hairy white guy who has pale pink nipples? Yuck. I was writing about my Christmas presents and here’s me who ain’t even a Christian!

About them Christmas presents. First of all “Thank You” and you know who you are, Karen.

Some were priceless, and others? Well, could you step it up this year? Just kidding. Not really, no.

I actually found this CD I thought was stolen, even tho no one in my house had been around in 1974. REDBONE! Yup, you betcha. I am thinkin’ one or several of them might be my Daddy, but that’s another column.

“Come and Get Your Love.” RedBone. I love those dudes.

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