Oil sludge choking and killing the ecosystem

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country June 2010

As I write this the oil “leak” in the Gulf of Mexico has not been stopped. My heart hurts and I get angrier every day that oil sludge is choking and killing the ecosystem, marine life and the people who depended on it’s bounty. The Gulf is being destroyed in front of our eyes and there is little I or we can do about it. OH! But BP is going to scratch out some checks for their big ‘Oops!’ to make up for the spill. Whew! I’m glad thats all cleared up, money cures everything, right?

I must hearken back to the President’s Inaugural Address after which a minister-I don’t recall his name right now-read a poem of words I found inspirational at the time, about all America’s diverse cultures getting along. One line keeps going through my head...”when Brown can stay around.” Well, not any more.

I state here and now that I entirely agree with the Arizona Immigration law. I see their point about them Mexican illegals straining our limited resources. Who do they think they are anyway? Sure, Mexicans are indigenous by birth, can trace their family roots back before time began, but what makes them think they can jump the border just because they want freedom from religious persecution, a better life for their families and access to a quality education? Sheez! Some people!

As a matter of fact I think the concept of picking and choosing which immigrants we allow in this country comes far too late. Way too late for us Indians any way. When some of the first illegal immigrants showed up on Plymouth Rock the locals there did’nt do enough at the time to keep the undesirables out. That tragically unfortunate pattern was repeated on the entire eastern seaboard of the Americas.

Yeah, yeah, I know....hindsight is 100% right? If our beloved ancestors only knew then that letting any Precursors of the Pink Ones plead and B.S. past our borders it would come to endanger the entire world. Now the Earth and it’s inhabitants are being murdered by willful, deliberate poisoning and a sick, selfish worldview that they are superior to Nature. Heh. Has anyone else noticed that Mz. Nature has been showing up for the meetings lately?

I don’t about ya’ll other colonized Nations but us Indians had it pretty good before “they” came along. We were a heckuva lot better off, physically, spiritually and emotionally and thats just the forward to the mighty tomes that will eventually describe our collective Indian Nation’s Long Fall and Recovery. It is and always has been in the colonist’s decendants’ devious design that the world at large believe that American Indians were just one rocky step up on the evolutionary scale than the legendary cave men. (Whose remains have been found everywhere in the world but the Americas. Makes sense, ennit?)

To continue I was in touch with my Pima friend Earlton in Arizona and I urgently advised he carry his I.D. with him everywhere lest he get deported for being a Brown. He heartily agreed and told me he would not be wearing certain “ethnic” garments (my words) any more cuz Los Copos might misidentify him as a Mexican illegal just tryna make a living. Geez those Mexicans, illegal or not are just, well! Watch a news bite of the AZ Guv and observe her pink wattled chin and cheeks shaking with righteous indignation.

In past columns I’ve mentioned my beloved nephew Jerone who calls me “Tia.” Jerone has this super-high tech 007 cell phone with all kindsa apps that blow my mind, things I could never have imagined in my long gone happy barefoot childhood. Me? Later I thought Star Wars was fantastic and entirely believable. I also thought that we would have the “Jetsons” technology by now and be using renewable energy, but as I do; I digress. The story is that Jerone was telling me about this new app on his BlackBerry phone that shows a stellar constellation where you point it and can be used as a high-tech compass that show true North and the Evening Star. Ho-Wah!

I was so impressed by this, I mean, who knew? Immediately I began to weave a story wherein Jerone may have to depend on this incredible device to save his life while lost in the woods and be saved by that app! He would survive a great ordeal and then.... Jerone interruppted me, he said, “well, sheez, Tia, if that ever happened I’ll just call someone.”

Talk about a techno-gap. I was so deflated that I went outside and drew some pictures on big rocks. When I figure out the secret of fire I’ll wave a stick over them to make the pictures look like they’re moving. I just had a birthday right? Usually I’m too proud to invite any sympathy but it ain’t easy or fun becoming old. My knee hurts, and my wrists too. Stay Brown!!!