Winona LaDuke to rebuild home destroyed by fire

Ponsord, Minnesota (AP/NFIC) 11-08


LaDuke and grandson
Photo by Sandra Schulman

Winona LaDuke, founding director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project and a former candidate for vice president of the United States, plans to build an environmentally friendly home on the land where her home burned down on November 9th, a spokeswoman for the recovery project said.

LaDuke’s home near Ponsford was destroyed in a fire reported about 12:40 p.m. on Nov. 9, according to Roger Wilson, chief of the Carsonville Township Fire Department.

The fire consumed all of the families personal property and clothes, her personal library and collection of research material, history, art and other collectibles.

Wilson said four people were in the home at the time, a mix of adults and children, and all got out safely, though the home was a total loss.

Wilson said the cause remains undetermined, but officials believe it was accidental and have been focusing on the wiring of the home.

LaDuke, who was on a trip to Boston at the time of the fire.

In 1996 and 2000, LaDuke ran for vice president on the Green Party ticket with Ralph Nader. She is a Harvard educated economist.

According to several email messages, friends of LaDuke are presently looking people who can donate back to her family pictures, books, music, signs and shirts that fall into the category of replacing her personal collections which were destroyed completely. Local efforts were under way in order to replace family clothes and other personal needs.

LaDukes mailing address is Winona LaDuke, c/o White Earth Land Recovery Project, 607 Main Avenue, Callaway, Minnesota 56521.