CITGO delegation visits Red Lake Ojibwe

Red Lake, Minnesota (NFIC) 1-09

According to the Red Lake Nation News, a delegation from CITGO visited the  reservation during late Dec. to discuss this years energy and heating assistance program.

The delegation arrived with a film crew to obtain potential input for the future of the program but also to record testimonies about the value of the program in order to show their stockholders the positive impacts.

The CITGO Tribal Heating Oil Program was started in 2006 and has provided assistance to members of 163 tribes and their members, many located in Alaska, but also tribes in New York, Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Last year the Red Lake program assisted over 1,205 eligible on reservation and an estimated 400 off-reservation tribal members in Minnesota with fuel assistance.

CITGO, based in Houston, Texas, is a refiner owned by PDV America, an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of the national oil company of Venezuela.