Gaiashkibos discusses the Economic Stimulus Bill and impact on tribes

By Paul DeMain
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV)

During February 2009, Lac Courte Oreilles council member Gaiashkibos traveled to Washington, D.C. to keep an eye on the Economic Stimulus Bill that was pushed and signed into law by the Obama Administration. 

Gaiashkibos, or Gosh as many people call him, was the former Chairman of the LCO Ojibwe tribe of northern Wisconsin, and a past president of the National Congress of American Indians, where he now serves as treasurer. In this short video production, Gosh explains some of the basic ideas of how the economic stimulus bill will assist tribal governments, and in particular those projects that are "shovel ready" the minute funding becomes available. 

According to Gosh, the economic stimulus dollars will not replace any dollars now in the pipeline for projects such as Indian Health clinic construction, education, transportation and other projects, but will allow for those project waiting in line to move into construction as early as this summer.

 "Shovel Ready"

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