Lac Courte Oreilles Local News by Mary Wolf

By Mary Wolf and Dorothy Miller
Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC) 5-09

News from Sister Felissa: “We've been celebrating again at St. Francis Solanus Mission. Bishop Peter Christensen, our bishop of Superior administered the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Those confirmed were Cherie Ann Miller, Samantha Quaderer, Joshua Martin, Cody Wilson, Anthony Miller, and Daniel Gouge. Congratulations to each of them!

Over many years, local Ojibwe have contributed their artistic talents to St. Francis. From the church's exterior pipestone beauty, to the interior buckskin wigwam tabernacle, with many beaded accessories, all help to inspire everybody, as they visit and worship. 

Since Easter, we have another beautiful artistic addition to the mission church. An exquisite Easter Candle pedestal was carved and painted by Roy Quagon, Sr.  It is truly unique and adds more splendor. We thank you, Roy Quagon, for your gifted work!

The children have been experiencing Spring Fever in some different ways. Grades 2-3-4 had an extra, when working on their special 4-H project. They chose Fishing. They wrote letters to local businesses and each obtained his or her own fish pole. Then, they took three occasions to try their luck with fishing.

Wouldn't you know, the first time they went out to the lake, they had to be called back in, because all of Sawyer County was alerted to the fierce thunderstorms. However, they have a good start and should become pros over the summer.

Kindergarten Registration and for any new students for Grades 1-8 for next year at St. Francis are being held now. For registering please contact Sr. Felissa at school, or call 865-3662.

Happy birthday to the following May babies:
Tina Thomas and Roger Schmock May 8;
McKayla Whitrock, Christophor Corbine and John Morrow May 9th; Cory Cross, Richard Smith May 10; Tony Price May 12; Richard Butler, Maria Wolf-Fairbanks (her “golden birthday!) May13;
Tom Lacapa Andrew Tainter Christopher Butler (4 yrs!) May 14; Wabigonence White, Blanche Richter May 15; Dorothy Tate May 16; Jim Anderson May 18; Michelle D. Miller, Elizabeth Barber, Tim Mike May 19; Dominic Stone May 20; Alan Shaye Gouge and Brady Alexander Beaudin-Arntsen, May 22; Brenda Aubart and Cody Joel Hamilton (he turns 15 yrs old) May 29th!

Congratulations to Tiffiny and Cameron Leach on the birth of their daughter, Ode’iminikwe last week.  I’ve only seen pictures, and she is a little doll!

Welcome home Lois Jeffery, who is recovered from her recent illness that delayed her return. She was out in Las Vegas visiting her sisters.  Glad to have you home, Lois!

Attention Elders: The Sawyer County EMTs and Hayward High School Character Club are sponsoring the “Vile of Life” program, which is a nationwide project to help elders during emergencies.  It is a pill bottle you keep in your fridge and the bottle contains your medications list, medical history, doctor’s name, an emergency contact person’s name and information on how to reach them, a 12-lead baseline EKG, and any other pertinent information you would like EMTs to know about, such as if you have diabetes II or hearing impairments, etc. 

Then you will get a sticker to place on the window of your home so if EMTs are called, they will know to look for that “vile of information” to help save your life if you are unable to speak!!!  Flyers with more information are available at the LCO Health Center.

To get more info or to sign up for the Vile of Life program, which is free, please come to the LCO Fire Hall on Wednesday, May 20th between 10:00am-2:00pm.  If you cannot make it to that site, they will also be at Winter Fire Hall Monday May 18  4-8; Radisson Ambulance Garage Tuesday May 19