West Coast Pow Wow Cruise Rocks The Ship

San Diego, California (ICC)

September 28, 2007: The West Coast Pow Wow Cruise returned from Mexico after a 5 day cruise and powwow onboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Elation. The Pow Wow Cruise Host Drum was The Mankillers from Northern California, MC was Dennis Rogers with Head Man Dancer Frank Gastelum and Head Woman Dancer Valerie Estrada. Performances by Mary Youngblood and Arvel Bird brought the final day of the Pow Wow Cruise to a rocking conclusion.

Look for more from Mary Youngblood and Arvel Bird as they hopefully will be working together soon. Mary and Arvel combined to make the performance pure magic! Their individual performances were great as always, but their duos were something extraordinary and their final song turned into a “jam session” with everyone on stage… Mary, Arvel, Dennis (hoop dancer), Eric Ray (fiddle), David Caldon (guitar), The Mankillers, Igor Sedor (flute) as well as audience participation.

Organizers David and Linda Underwood were invited to dine with the ship’s Captain on Formal Night, providing an opportunity to share the Pow Wow Cruise with the Captain and his first officers who were curious about the events taking place as well as the ribbon shirt David wore to dinner.

Guests of the Pow Wow Cruise arrived in San Diego, Ca., from as far away as Saskatchewan, Canada, and Germany. No one was disappointed as the 5 day cruise visited Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada, Mexico, and while at sea everyone enjoyed the powwow on the open decks of the ship as well as the awesome show which took place in the multi-level main showroom of the Elation.

Upcoming Pow Wow Cruises scheduled for the East Coast departing from Miami January 24, 2008, and the Alaska PWC departing from Vancouver, B.C., June 2, 2008.