List of potential witnesses, named individuals in Aquash investigation

By Paul DeMain, Editor
News From Indian County

Who will be called to testify if there is a trial in 2010 for John Graham and Richard Marshall in the Aquash murder case? Who may be  called is going to be speculative. This list is no doubt incomplete. My apologies to anyone who we forgot to include as it was not on purpose, unless it was.

A note of reminder. This list does not necessarily constitute conspirators, nor involvement in the events leading up to the murder of Annie Mae. Some of the people named here, have not been before a grand jury, nor will they ever be. Their involvement may have been marginal, to the point of only witnessing a single event along the Aquash timeline, that might be relevant to the final events, and post activity. For example, there are a number of people who observed a "warriors" honoring ceremony of John Boy Patton-Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Nelson Clark in the fall of 1975 at Crow Dog's paradise. Those names have not been included here, along with many other names too numerous to list.

There are a number of ways that people could determine who "might" be called, based on being subpoenaed just before the last trial was canceled in 2008; knowing somebody who received a subpoena, witnessing or talking to someone who was called to grand jury or from interviews.

(This list contains a majority of those 70 or more people who were interviewed by News From Indian Country and NFIC representatives over the last 15 years).

This list does not include the witnesses, grand jury testifiers, or interviewees of other related AIM murder investigations, though there is a definite overlap of those with motives that moved against Annie Mae.

Whether you are a journalist, a participant, a writer, investigator or bystander you generally have an obligation to appear if you are subpoenaed. What is testified too, is where your ethics and morals are judged since some members of AIM are claiming that a journalist that provides information into the pubic sector, consults with, or "cooperates" in any manner with a law enforcement official is "unethical." [See Richard V. LaCourse' 1999 letter to Det. Abe Alonzo.]

Witness already testified in Looking Cloud trial. In order of
1. Nate Merrick,
2. James Glade,
3. Don Dealing,
4. John Munis,
5. Dr. Gary Peterson,
6. William Wood,
7. Evan Hodge,
8. Kimberly Edwards,
9. Darlene Nichols,
10. Mathalene White Bear,
11. Bob Riter,
12. Raymond Handboy,
13. Joan Decker,
14. Angie Begay Janis,
15. Troy Lynn Yellow Wood,
16. Denise Pictou,
17. Candy Hamilton,
18. Jeanette Eagle Hawk,
19. Cleo Gates,
20. Richard Two Elk,
21. John Trudell,
22. Robert Ecoffey,
23. and David Price.

LINKS TO 2004 Testimony

The follow people testified in the 2004 trial of Arlo Looking Cloud. Their names are linked to their testimony in the case: Nate Merrick, James Glade, Don Dealing, John Munis, Dr. Gary Peterson, William Wood, Evan Hodge, Kimberly Edwards, Darlene Nichols, Mathalene White Bear, Bob Riter, Raymond Handboy, Joan Decker, Angie Janis, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, Denise Pictou, Candy Hamilton, Jeanette Eagle Hawk, Cleo Gates, Richard Two Elk, John Trudell, Robert Ecoffey, part one, Robert Ecoffey, part two, and David Price.


Speculative witness list is based on being called to grand jury, being named in NFIC timeline from the Richard V. LaCourse' list, or names added more recently based on developments in the case.

24. Abourezk, Charles "Charlie"  (Answered door at Bill Means house the evening Annie Mae was brought there)
25. Alberts, Darlene
26. Alonzo,  Abe
27. Ament, Connie Rios
28. Ament, Tony
28. Anderson, Larry
29. Aquash, Mark
30. Aquash, Micki
31. Bald Eagle, Richard
32. Banks, Dennis
33. Beau, Little
34. Bellecourt, Clyde
35. Black, Sioux Casper
36. Blackhorse, Frank DeLuca
37. Blacksmith, Wilma
38. Brand, Joanna
39. Bordeaux, Jean Roach
40. Branscombe, Robert Pictou
41. Brave, Regina
42. Butler, Dino
43. Casados, Leroy
44. Chapman, Serle
45. Clark (Clarke), Theda Nelson (Deceased)
46. Crazy Thunder, Roberta
47. Crow Dog, Leonard
48. Crow Dog, Mary
49. Camp, Carter
50. Day, Jean
51. Denny, Janice
52. Dillon, Frank Scott
53. Ellison, Bruce Atty.
54. Ferrar, Sue Aquash
55. Free, Robert
56. Gilbert-Thunderhawk, Madonna Mae
57. Graff, Jim
58. Gray, Eric
59. Hand Boy, Larry
60. Harper, Vern
61. Harvey, Owen
62. Hendricks, Steven
63. Hill, Harry David  (Mr. X)
64. Houston, Melvin Lee
65. Hollander, Lucky (Wes)
66. Hollander, Toby
67. Howard, Dean
68. Janis, Pat
69. Janis,Betty
70. Janis, Joanne Tall
71. James, Kathy
72. Johnson, Mary
73. Little, Bruce "Beau" Lindon
74. Little, Zeno
75. Looking Cloud, Fritz Arlo
76. Long Soldier, Charlie
77. Maloney, Debbie
78. Martin, Sugar Bear
79. Matthiessen, Peter
80. Means, Arlene Choach
81. Means, Dolly
82. Means-DeCora, Lorelie
83. Means, Russell Charles  (Deceased)
84. Means, Theodore "Ted" (Deceased)
85. Means, William "Bill"
86. Mexican, Charlie
87. Nelson, John "Dusty"
88. Nelson, Velma
89. Nichols, Bernadine "Bernie"
90. Northcott, Karen
91. Pelphy, Angie
92. Pelphy, George
93. Peltier, Leonard James
94. Pokrywka, Julian
95. Poor Bear, Tom
96. Poor Bear, Webster
97. Powell, Harry
98. Powless, Herbert "Herb" George
100. Powless, Marge Stevens
101. Pourier, Mitch
102. "Red" - Norman, ?
103. Red Cloud, Tony
104. Rios, Thelma Conroy-Hill  (Deceased)
105. Roberts, George
106. Running, Al
107. Running Shield, Frank
108. Skenandore, Rod
109. Tilsen, Attorney Ken
110. Tilsen, Mark
111. Thundercloud, Iris Cleveland
112. Tonaquodle, Annie Mae
113. Trimbach, Joseph
114. Two Shoes, Minnie
115. Vigil, Ernesto
116. White, Kelly
117. Williams, Rick
118. Williams, Velma (Vivian) Locust
119. York, Eugene
120. Zigrossi, Norman

Not Available: Deceased
121. Anderson, Mike (Baby AIM)
122. Bellecourt, Vernon
123. Bordeaux, Evelynn
124. Brown, W.O.
125. Butler, Nilak
126. DeSersa, Bryron
127. Draper, Wish
128. Duenas, Roque Orlando
129. Giese, Paula
130. Gates, Al
131. Gonzales, Corky
132. LaCourse, Richard V.
133. Little, June
134. Robideau, Robert
135. Tilsen, Rachael

On March 23, 2009 Film Writer David Seals from South Dakota added the following names in a online discussion group saying that these were additional witnesses that needed to be added to the NFIC list. Some are known to the NFIC/NAJA investigative journalist group, others are not. Those names unfamiliar to NFIC and its writers have not been vetted in any way, as of 3/24/09. The list is added here only to the extent that they are part of the public discussion going on in regards to people with information, involvement or knowledge about the Aquash murder case, in the case of the names added below, according to David Seals.

Black Crows of Wamblee
Ward Churchill
Kevin McKiernan
Mike Dillon
Richard Grass
Bunky Peoples
Jay Hart
Lucy Bull Bear
Joe American Horse
Willard Male Bear Thundershield
Tony Horse Road
Everett Iron Eyes
Patty Swallow
Jim Ecoffey
Jimmy Robideau
Arvol Looking Horse
Matthew Thunder Hawk


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