Arizona authorities search for gunman on tribal land

Keams Canyon, Arizona (AP) October 2011

Authorities are trekking through tribal land in northeastern Arizona in search of a man who opened fire on tribal police.

Hopi tribal spokeswoman Louella Nahsonhoya says nobody was hit when the unidentified man fired at a tribal ranger’s vehicle.

She says the man had been involved in a domestic dispute when authorities were called to pick up a woman and a child.

The man chased the tribal vehicle in his pickup truck, firing shots at it before fleeing and abandoning his vehicle in a wash near the tribe’s border with the Navajo Nation.

Navajo police Capt. Dwayne Billsie says the man’s believed to be carrying several weapons, including an assault rifle.

He’s described as a Marine veteran, 5-foot-9-inches tall, weighing 175 pounds and has long hair that’s braided.