Lorna Blacksmith remembered

Lorna was one of three aboriginal women who were murdered by alleged serial killer Shawn Cameron Lamb

Winnipeg, Canada (ICC) November 2012

More than 40 military cadets from northern Manitoba gathered in a Winnipeg back lane on November 4th, to remember Lorna Blacksmith, a former cadet whose body was found there earlier this year.

The cadets from Cross Lake, Manitoba, where the 18-year-old grew up, joined her friends and family members for an emotional memorial in a lane along Simcoe Street, near the backyard where her body was discovered in June.

Blacksmith is one of three slain women who Winnipeg police have linked to alleged serial killer Shawn Cameron Lamb.

Police have charged Lamb, 52, with second-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Blacksmith, Carolyn Sinclair, and Tanya Nepinak.
Members of the RCMP and the Winnipeg Police Service also attended the ceremony, in which Blacksmith's spirit was saluted.