Two sentenced for August Inland Empire casino heist

Riverside, California (AP)

Two people were each sentenced to 180 days in jail for their involvement in a $1.6 million Indian casino heist.

Ricky Davis Aban, 19, of Los Angeles, and Sonya Marie Boyorquez, 23, of Hemet, were sentenced during late September after pleading guilty to being accessories after the fact in the robbery of San Jacinto’s Soboba Casino.

Aban and Boyorquez, who were also each sentenced to three years probation, will be allowed to serve their jail terms on weekends, district attorney’s office spokeswoman Ingrid Wyatt said. The pair had faced prison terms of up to 16 months, but prosecutors recommended the reduced sentences because they cooperated with the investigation, officials said.

Aban and Boyorquez were accused of helping casino employee Rolando Luda Ramos, 25, and Eric Allen Magdaleno Aguilera, 23, after the Aug. 2 robbery.

Investigators said Ramos, who worked at the casino installing surveillance cameras, disabled cameras, held employees at gunpoint and took the cash.

He tied up and gagged three casino employees in a surveillance room and pepper sprayed one of them, investigators said.

Aban returned $198,000 in stolen money he said he received for helping Ramos escape to Los Angeles.

“He cooperated with investigators, turned himself in and is very remorseful,” Aban’s lawyer, Robin Johnson, said.

Boyorquez’s lawyer, Jeff Zimel, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

Aguilera was arrested the day after the robbery along with Boyorquez, his girlfriend. Ramos was arrested two days after the heist. Both are scheduled appear in court Oct. 18.