Former Twin Buttes school board official sentenced

Bismarck, North Dakota (AP)  11-07

Former Twin Buttes School Board member Tammy Grady has been sentenced to seven months in jail for stealing money from the school.

Grady also must serve seven months of house arrest with an electronic monitoring device, pay $92,000 in restitution, and perform 200 hours of community service.

U.S. District Judge Dan Hovland sentenced Grady during November. Grady’s sentence was the first in a case that accuses seven school officials of embezzling $665,000 from the Fort Berthold Indian reservation elementary school.

Grady was a school board member from 2002 to 2005. U.S. Assistant Attorney Clare Hochhalter said her sentence was reduced for cooperating with the government and helping them build their case.

The former school board members were accused of taking money through travel vouchers for trips and training that never occurred.

Others charged are Melissa Starr, Elaine Incognito, Lillian Holen, Hank Starr, Darwin Lone Bear and Paul Fredericks.

Melissa Starr and Lone Bear were sentenced on Nov. 15. Sentencing for Hank Starr, Fredericks and Incognito is set for Nov. 20. Holen’s sentencing is slated for Nov. 27.