Kewaunee decides to drop Indians mascot

Kewaunee, Wisconsin (AP) August 2010

The Kewaunee School District dropped its Indians team name and logo just a day before the state education department was to hold a hearing on whether it was discriminatory.

WLUK-TV reports that Kewaunee School Board President Brian Vogeltanz said Aug. 3 that while the district and community viewed the name as being complimentary to the area’s Indian heritage, “we need to do what’s right for the current times.”

A retired Kewaunee teacher complained under a new state law that gives the Department of Public Instruction the ability to order schools to drop race-based names and logos. During late July the state ordered Osseo-Fairchild to stop using the Chieftains name.

A complaint is also pending against Mukwonago’s use of Indians.

Kewaunee has about 1,100 students and is about 30 miles east of Green Bay.