The Depraved (Bush) Enterprise

by Anne Dunn
Many have now come to recognize that, like other misguided brutal colonial wars; the preemptive strike, illegal invasion, torture of prisoners and military occupation of Iraq violates the Geneva Convention. It can no longer be whitewashed.

So far, 3,632 U.S. military personnel have been sacrificed in Iraq. Young people whose lives were snuffed out, their bodies bagged and returned home to grief-stricken families. This does not take into consideration physical injuries and emotional trauma. Then there are the 655,000 (est.) Iraqis, citizens of a sovereign nation, who have been slaughtered in their oil-rich homeland. They also represent real people with real dreams of a real future.

Bringing terror and atrocities to other nations is not new. The stars and stripes have waved over the bloody slaughter of “hostile” Indigenous peoples right here on Turtle Island. Dark-skinned peoples that fight to protect their homes, families and resources, and don’t speak English, are frequently dehumanized and demonized.

Murdering an innocent, unarmed Iraqi is now considered “bad conduct.” This current military conflict is another depraved enterprise.

But many honorable soldiers/warriors are in a struggle to maintain their personal morality and survive under horrendous battlefield conditions. Many veterans have returned from the occupation of Iraq to join the groundswell of public opinion that views the conflict as futile or criminal or both.

But the humanitarian questions are not being raised on the nightly news. The highly paid talking heads are mute when it comes to meaningful dialogue about civilian deaths and casualties in Iraq. Because of such negligence, the U.S. mainstream press has become complicit in these crimes against humanity.

Where is a voice of The People? The People are marching to impeach Bush and Company. The People are signing tons of petitions to impeach Bush and Company. The People have grown to distrust and despise Bush and Company. Bush’s public approval ratings range from 28-36%. When Clinton dropped his drawers in the oval office Congress was outraged and cried for his impeachment. Where is the outrage now?

The 110th Congress refuses to denounce the heirs of the ruling class. The gross failure of this democracy is in part due to a floundered two-party system held hostage by mutual corporate ties and flagrant cronyism.

Speaker Pelosi leads a crippled Congress that defied the Constitution and spinelessly sanctioned the lying partnership of Bush and Cheney. The 110th Congress and its Speaker have become accomplices and assistants to crimes against humanity.

Republican Senators Warner and Lugar have demanded that Bush seek congressional approval of the war and present plans to reduce American forces by the end of 2007. The House has voted 223-201 to demand the withdrawal of most U.S. combat troops by April 2008. Senator Domenici has called for a new strategy that will move troops out of combat and put them on the road that takes them home.

However, the Senate has voted 97-0 in favor of moving toward war with Iran!

It’s time for Bush to fulfill his military service obligation. It’s time for him to go to Baghdad and fight his own war. He should take his lying cronies and bloody administration with him. He should stop blaming his failures on patriots and matriots who question and protest his incompetent leadership.

The war in Iraq is paid for with taxes. So far it has cost $445,083,507,989. Unborn middle-class taxpayers will inherit this debt. How will it be satisfied? Already we see reduction of services for our poor, our young, our elderly and our military veterans.

The captains of finance capital order their political puppets to invade, wage war and remain in occupation of other nations. The small-minded, intellectually challenged, morally bankrupt, arrogant ruling class maintains their status with the support of corporate owned TV and newspapers. They actually believe they are innately superior in their visions and values.

In a time when real soldiers are facing real death in a military conflict that is draining the public treasury, billionaire tax dodgers are lobbying to justify their personal greed and protect their private wealth.

But that’s another story… or is it?

Yours in the struggle for peace, justice and human dignity.