New Website to support Native traditions and culture

Dear Editor,

The NCPC, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, has just launched a new website telling of their work to help the continuation of sacred sites, traditions, language and ceremonies of the Great Basin/Plateau Tribal Groups continue into the 21st century. NCPC never sponsors or pays individuals to conduct traditional tribal ceremonies, but does provide funding to cover expenses for travel, food, ceremonial supplies, for such events to occur.

Though the resources of NCPC are small, its mission is unique. The website will further their goal of drawing new and important projects from the tribal communities and individuals, as well as becoming a funnel of support from those with the resources to help.

The NCPC, or Naraya Cultural Preservation Council, was established 7 years ago, inspired by a group of Native and non-Native people who were deeply touched by the traditional teachings of the Great Basin/Plateau people and their desire to give back out of gratitude.

Here are some of the projects described in more detail On The Net: :

The work of Barbara Snyder, a Washoe/Paiute, and her efforts in restoring and preserving the Washoe Hot Springs and Cave Rock along the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The NCPC has provided funding for the Wind River WomenÂ’s Circle (WRWC) on the Eastern Shoshone Reservation in Wyoming. Established by Jola LeBeau a member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, to provide through Native traditional ways of healing, lifeways; empowerment to women from all walks of life.

The Lillian Vallely School in Blackfoot, Idaho, which borders the Shoshone Bannock Reservation: funding for a Native American flute teacher, books and videos on Native American music and dance for the school library. The NCPC is also a proud sponsor of their Pow Wow each year.

The NCPC also provides support for the work of the late Corbin Harney, a Shoshone elder, traditionalist and activist. And Laine Thom, a Shoshone/Paiute scholar in his research and documentation of traditional Shoshone/Paiute songs and music.

For more details on these and other projects, or make contact about a potential project, go On The Net: or write to: NCPC, Box 6089, Pocatello, Idaho 83205.

Thank You,
Clyde M. Hall