Straight up. What time is it and whose and which clocks are we usin’?

Dear Editor,

Some of us are talking (or whispering) about “fear” in the Black community when we dare to ask any questions or express even a slightly different view about what we are doing and who's calling which shots in Election 2008.

Growing numbers of Black Americans and others (including many of  our non-Black American allies, from other parts of the African diaspora, and other people of many cultures and colours who respect the Black American People and our unique experiences) – feel that Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente's candidacy in 2008 it is “PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME, Y’ALL.”

Virtually all of us know how Cynthia McKinney has toiled in these vineyards for a very long time. After long service in and to the Democratic Party (which didn’t have much good to say when basically they told her “bye”), on July 12 of this year, the U.S. Green Party historically nominated Cynthia their presidential candidate for 2008.

What more does a Sister “have to” do?!! (Even just to get a few standard [for everyone else] and well deserved candidate interviews. C-Span suddenly just dropped her pre-taped “Road to the White House” interview that was scheduled to air, Sept 7th.)

And if you haven’t already seen this film – please – order it today - American Blackout. One viewer says this film shows, no holds barred, that what we’re dealing with is “Jim Crow for the 21st Century.”

If you feel you want to make any kind of donation to Cynthia & Rosa’s historic race, please do so here:

Thank you and peace,
Marian Douglas-Ungaro

Justice 4 All Includes Women of Color!!

(Message to All Presidential Campaigns)

Public Conference, Sacramento, California, late Sept 2008:

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