Vote for our grandchildren

Dear Editor,

I was glad to see you state your own support for Barack Obama, in a  complex editorial on may issues.

I also support Obama. The issues that will have the biggest impact on Native communities – renewable energy, green jobs, affordable college education, support for Head Start, affordable health care, and better care and support for returning veterans, to name a few, are among the reasons I plan to vote for Obama.

He looks ahead, and has the courage to oppose quick-fix, feel-good, vote-getters like more off-shore drilling (quick fixes that won’t even solve the real problem). He’s looking out for the next seven generations.

I feel as if John McCain has turned away from himself, from the man he was in 2000, from his former independence.

We need to look at the big picture, as Obama does, and hope for the long term, vote for a better world for our grandchildren.

Patti Kearney

Bridgewater, Virginia