I need a stem cell transplant in order to survive

Dear Editor,

My name is Kevin Fuller. I am descended from a known Native American family who lived on the eastern shore of Maryland, the Durham family.

I have been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and am undergoing chemotherapy. I need a stem cell transplant in order to survive. My siblings and many cousins have been tested but unfortunately do not match my tissue type. My tissue type is rare and contains a Native American DNA marker. I am seeking Native American volunteers to be tested for a possible match and stem cell donation (which now days is done through a simple blood transfusion instead of bone marrow). The testing is very easy and is done via a cheek swab inside your mouth.

If you are interested in helping me or other Native American descendants, please consider getting tested. The testing may be done through www.giftoflife.org, National Bone Marrow Registry or through LabCorp. Please call me or my sister Robin at 321-482-6300 for more information.

I only have a few months time and must find a matching donor as soon as possible, so don’t wait and PLEASE get tested now!!!

If you are a match, I live: It’s that simple. Please help.

Thank you.

Kevin Fuller

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