McCain supports Native American issues

Dear Editor,

As a young enrolled member of the Northern Ute Indian Tribe I was raised on the reservation. I now make my home here in the Grand Junction, CO., area.  My family (Dad, Uncle and Grandfather) have been involved and are actual leaders of the Northern Ute Tribe for as long as I can remember. I felt compelled to correct some statements Mr. Clifford Duncan made in an article.

In the article Mr. Duncan states that Obama would be the better candidate for Native Americans to support because he will be more likely to address Indian issues. Mr. Duncan is only 1 member of over 3,264 enrolled members of the Northern Ute Tribe, and therefore is only representing himself.

My Dad, during his 8 years on the Northern Ute Tribal Business Committee, worked very closely with Governor Bill Richardson and Senator John McCain to return some land to the Northern Ute Tribe that was held by the Defense Department. With Richardson and McCain’s help the Defense Department did in fact give back 89,000 acres to the Northern Ute Tribe.

Senator McCain has over 20 years of supporting Native American issues. So let me assure you that voting for Obama is not in the best interest of the Native Americans, since he has no experience in dealing with the issues we as Native Americans face.

I have over 85 family members in the Ute Nation, and many who have dealt with politics for a very long time. We are in fact supporting the McCain – Palin ticket.

So I would encourage everyone to check into the facts on the candidates yourself and don’t believe all you are told. Get the facts and vote accordingly!


Minda Albright

Northern Ute Tribal Member

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