Call on Congress to immediately address tribal Sacred Lands protection

Dear Editor,

Tribal Nations, Native rights organizations, and social/environmental justice allies are calling on the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee and other Congressional Committees to conduct hearings concerning federal land management practices that threaten or destroy tribal sacred lands.

The Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites, The Save the Peaks Coalition, Indigenous Environmental Network, International Indian Treaty Council, Seventh Generation Fund, Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council, and Morning Star Institute have joined together to address the lack of federal government cooperation and consultation with tribes in balancing destructive corporate development of tribal ancestral lands and honoring tribal rights and needs.

The groups are also calling on the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to investigate federal government non-compliance with Tribal consultation requirements and to assist in immediately remedying the problems.

“Corporate development of federal lands that overlap sacred tribal ancestral lands not only further the desecration and destruction of sacred places and areas which Indigenous Peoples have traditionally used and safeguarded, but harm longstanding and positive tribal social and cultural structures, increase threats to endangered and threatened species, and cause environmental destruction,” stated Mark LeBeau, Co-Chair of the Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites.

Please fax a brief letter to Senate Indian Affairs Committee urging that a hearing be held on these issues as soon as possible. The Committee fax number is 202-228-2589.

James Hayward, Redding Rancheria/Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites, 530-410-2875; Klee Benally, Save the Peaks Coalition, 928-380-2629; Radley Davis, Pit River Nation/Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites, 530-917-6064; Mark LeBeau, Pit River Nation/Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites, 916-801-4422; Andrea Carmen, International Indian Treaty Council, 907-745-4482;  Chris Peters, Seventh Generation Fund, 707-825-7640; Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network, 218-751-4967; Wounded Knee, Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council, 707-556-8776;  Suzan Shown Harjo, Morning Star Institute, 202-547-5531.