I walked out of Palin’s office and never looked back

Dear Editor,

Hello. I am originally from Arctic Village, Alaska. I am Alaska Native, Gwich’in Athabascan.

I visited Sarah’s campaign office and spoke with her before she became Governor. We talked about the hunting & fishing rights of Alaska Natives. We didn’t get anywhere. She sided with sport and commercial interests, so I walked out on her and never looked back.

In general, I believe Sarah Palin is another version of Bush, just as inexperienced, but more impulsive.

Palin has done a lot of irrational things up here as Governor. In the summer of ‘07, she Line Item Vetoed a lot of infrastructure projects in rural Alaska.

The small town of Eagle spent years trying to get a community center built ;when they finally got funding, Palin shut it down by her veto. Even lawmakers are baffled by her vetoes.

They’ve had Bills well-debated on both sides of the aisle, yet she cuts. She supported $15 million to Anchorage’s University’s Sport Complex and cut $1.5 million to an expansion of the runaway teen center. How do you justify that?

She supports drilling Off-Shore which would utterly destroy the livelihood of the Inupiaq people on the North Slope. They rely on whale for subsistence and the development would detrimentally impact those whales.

She supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. My people, the Gwich’in, have kept this area closed from development for 30 years. No other tribe has ever accomplished such a feat.

If she drills in the Arctic Refuge, it’ll be the end of my culture. If drilling takes place in the Arctic Refuge, our caribou goes and so does our culture.

Matt Gilbert,  Alaska