“Renegade Russell” Means is Anti-Indian

Dear Editor,

Throughout his very public career, about the only thing consistent with Russell Means has been his disdain for tribal governments, tribal law, tribal sovereignty and Indian people who see through his hypocrisy. Judging by his antics, instead of fighting for Indian rights, his main concerns are stuffing his pockets with dirty money and feeding his ravenous ego.

He has exploited his participation in the Wounded Knee takeover to an entire career of jumping in front of cameras and shooting his mouth off. After first seeing himself on TV, he sold-out and went “Hollywood,” eventually participating such stereotypical films as “Pocahontas,” while pretending to stand for Indian rights. He became the White Man’s pet poodle.

After being drummed-out of AIM in the ‘70s, and doing time in prison, he set up his own little corrupt, quasi-AIM kingdom in Colorado, with two notorious, pseudo-Indian, white men, Ward Churchill and Glenn Morris. Means has been CAIM’s media front man and pet poodle, helping those two wannabes viciously and publicly attack many good Indian people.

Why was Means running for tribal office if he doesn’t like his Sioux homeland?  He has spent most of his time in the Southwest, with homes in Los Angeles, and New Mexico and spending a couple of years on the Navajo rez in AZ. While in AZ, he was accused of assaulting his wife and her disabled father, he fled the Navajo Nation legal system and settled in New Mexico.

He and his CAIM cronies tried to opened a bogus “AIM” outpost here in NM and failed. South Dakota can have him back but he is not fit to be elected to any office.

David Bradley,

Native American Artists Association            
Santa Fe, New Mexico