Lil’ Klamath girl still needs your support & prayers…

Dear Editor,

Laura Schroeder is an eight year old girl who attends Chiloquin Elementary School and is in the third grade. She was born with hypoplastic kidney disease, and the doctors let her family know that she will eventually need a kidney transplant since her kidneys are too small and will fail. At her exam last year, Laura’s family learned that the process had started and that they needed to find a donor and prepare for a transplant.

Laura amazed her doctors last year and was able to hold her own and held off the transplant last year. Unfortunately the news hasn’t been as good this year. She is scheduled for surgery in December up in Portland.

Laura’s father, Ronnie, is a perfect match for her tissue type and will be donating a kidney. This is great news for Laura, but puts a financial hardship on the family. When the transplant is performed, Ronnie will be recuperating for 6 to 12 weeks. 

Laura’s Mom, Wainanwit, will be off work as well, nursing both Laura and Ronnie and taking care of Laura's brother Orville and sister, Hannah.

For the past year, Children’s Organ Transplant Association, (COTA) has been instrumental in helping the family earn money through donations and fundraisers. COTA has set up and trained a local team who place the funds in trust for Laura’s needs through their organization. Please visit their website,, view Laura’s page for more information and updates.

On October 31, COTA sponsored  “Laura’s Night II” at Chiloquin Elementary School in Chiloquin, OR. This was a fun, safe way to spend Halloween.

This event was organized by COTA team members and many thanks go out  to all of those involved which included the Chiloquin Elementary School student council and school staff, Chiloquin High School Honor Society and Future Farmers of America, Chiloquin Girl Scout troop, the SMART reading program, Red Hat Society, Pam’s Salon and Day Spa, and The Cruise Girl, Margo McCullough, as well as the community of Chiloquin.

The COTA team, along with Laura’s family, would also like to thank the community members who have donated time, material goods and money to this effort over the last year.

For More information go to Lil’ Laura’s Website.

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