Laughing Mocassins: Something about these moccassins is strange

Dear Editor,

Ahniin!!!  This is a crazy story that I thought would be fun to share with you and your readers.

Last summer, I was commissioned to make an entire Jingle dress outfit, including leggings and moccasins for  K’esha, a little 7-year-old girl. When she and her family came to pick up the outfit, we celebrated with dinner and her first wearing of the dress. It was a happy occasion for everyone. The family then traveled to several pow-wows throughout the season. She danced every dance and then ended up with a moccasin blow-out. Her parents called and wanted the moccasins fixed without charge. Of course, I offered to do so without hesitation.

When I picked up the moccasins this fall, I re-measured K’eshas feet. As we were driving home, my husband said, “This is the last time you are going to sew these.” I agreed. But, since I am alright with the meticulous nature of outfit making and pride myself on making really good outfits, I wanted these moccasins to reflect my talents.  So, I carefully cut out the new foot patterns on latigo (hard leather), and then re-sewed them, taking out any extra puckers in the toe area so they would be more comfortable.

It is now November. Recently, the family came over to pick up the moccasins. Since they were also in preparation to leave for a pow-wow 8 hours away in Georgia, they needed to hurry up their visit so they could get on the road. 

I said, “Before you take them K’esha, why don’t you try them on? She put the first moccasin on her left foot. It fit perfectly. She tried the second one on her right foot. She looked at it and said “Hey, is this the right?” Indeed, the second one looked like it should be on the left foot. (I’m thinking, yes, little kids do make these kinds of mistakes from time to time.) So, she switched them around.

But, what was previously on her right foot fit her left foot perfectly too… Needless to say… I accidently made 2 left moccasins!!!! We are all still laughing about it… At least her toes will always point clockwise, the direction we follow while dancing. The whole story still brings tears to my eyes… Hillarious!!!!

The Scott family
Pinellas Park, Florida

Terri Scott is a Jingle Dress dancer and outfit maker.