Thank you for helping us protect the buffalo

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the volunteers, coordinators, and board members of Buffalo Field Campaign, I am writing to thank you for working with us to protect the bison. You are an integral part of a strong and vibrant grassroots movement, and your actions are making the difference.

Whether it be telling a friend about the buffalo, sending an email to a decision-maker, signing a petition, saying a prayer, sending a donation, or joining us in the field to protect buffalo along the Yellowstone boundary, your actions make Buffalo Field Campaign effective.

We are deeply thankful for all you have done and all you continue to do.  Together we have spoken for the buffalo with a strong and unified voice, stood with the buffalo on their habitat in order to protect them from and document the insanity of the government’s management plan, saved the lives of hundreds of buffalo and shared their story with hundreds of thousands of people across the country and around the world, and developed strong allies in the U.S. Congress who, we are hopeful, will take action in 2009 to protect the Yellowstone population and end the senseless slaughter. 

Together we will continue to be here fighting for the buffalo on their native habitat and in the policy arena until they are protected, their wildness honored, and their right to migrate respected.  Thank you.

For the Buffalo,
Dan Brister, Project Director
Buffalo Field Campaign

Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field and on the policy front to protect America’s last wild bison and their critical habitat.

As a nonprofit organization who receives the overwhelming majority of our funding from individual donors, the strength of BFC is directly related to the ability of our supporters to give. The current economic climate has had a drastic impact on the size and amount of donations we've been receiving. This downturn in donations couldn’t come at a worse time as November and December, when we make preparations for the coming winter and spring, are some of the most expensive months for Buffalo Field Campaign.

If you value our work and want to see Buffalo Field Campaign remain a strong force in both the field and on the policy front, then please make a donation today.  No donation is too small and every dollar goes directly to our front lines work to bring the buffalo permanent protection.

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