Obama has no intention of protecting Native rights

Dear Editor,

Osiyo, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Darius Radmanesh and I am the author of the book “Escape From Iran” my book is the true story of how my family and I were held hostage by the present Islamic regime in Iran for nine years until we were finally able to escape in 1987 and return to the United States.

I am an American and a devout christian born from an Iranian father and an American mother in a small town in Missouri back in 1969. I would like to add that my mother is half Cherokee Indian, in fact my great-grandfather was a Cherokee chief.

My reason for writing is because I recently came across an article posted by a Mr. Giago in the indianz.com site addressing the shameful and disgraceful attacks made by the CBC Democrats against Native American nations. I find this outrageous and without question a direct attack on the heritage of the one true American people, the American Indians.

Tho I am outraged I am by no means surprised Obama and the Democratic party  have been trampling on the constitutional rights of all Americans from day one. He has no respect nor does he have any intention on protecting or observing the rights of the Native Americans or the general American public now or in the future period !!!.

Many American blacks think that he is for the black man, my answer is this, this man feels no loyalty or devotion to any race or any one in America be it the black American, white Americans or American Indians. After all he wasn’t even born or raised in America. He is a Kenyan and therefore has no love or sense of loyalty to our great country or her citizens.

I would like to stress that I am one hundred percent a supporter of every American Indian and there cause in our country. I would like to point out that I am a member of the Modern Whig Party and we support the rights of all Americans no matter what their race or color may be.

We, The Modern Whigs, are one of the oldest and most prominent political parties in America. In fact the Whig Party was the original party of president Abraham Lincoln and several other presidents in the past.

After years of staying out of the public eye we have once again only a few months ago stepped forward and are already gaining an overwhelming support from the American public, thousands are joining our party every month. Many Americans after the results of the elections of this year have lost total respect and faith in their political parties, mainly the republicans and therefore are rallying to the Modern Whigs Party and are looking to The Modern Whigs as the only hope for restoring our great country’s dignity, freedoms and liberties. 

I have posted the Modern Whig Party and other links below which will give you a better idea of what our party stands for and what we aim to achieve for all Americans and our beloved country.


The time has come for all Americans to unite and once again reclaim the rights of our people and that of our country which so many generations of Americans have struggled, fought and ultimately died to preserve and maintain, freedoms which have been trampled on for so long.

I am very proud of my Indian heritage and I can’t express enough of how outraged I am at the thought of how our people are being treated by Obama and his supporters in the Democratic party.

May god bless our beloved country and all Indian nations of America, for they are true soul and beating heart of this great land.

Yours very sincerely
Darius  Radmanesh

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Editors Note: Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii was certified some time ago as his legitimate birth certificate, and a citizen of the United States.