The true colors are Red, White and Blue

Dear Editor,

The headline in the December 22, 2008, issue of News From Indian Country reads: “Obama’s True Colors: Black, white... or neither?” caught my eye as I scanned the articles.

I am a regular reader and always enjoy the great articles in the paper. I found this one a bit more interesting than usual.

 Many people have come a long way in their beliefs about race and about the change that this country has been able make.

Now we have a mixed “race”-President Elect and people are once again returning to the same old stigmatisms.

I voted for Barack Obama, not because he was Black, Muslim, White or Mixed, but because I believe that he is the right choice to lead this country.

When it comes to the question of what our President Elect Barack Obama’s true colors are, the answer is simple. They are Red, White and Blue!

Sincerely, Twylie E. Moore

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
Green Bay, Wisconsin