The Sacred Hoop of 100 Eagle Feathers to make its 5th journey

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The Sacred Hoop of 100 Eagle Feathers will make its fifth journey across the United States this year. The Wellbriety Journey for Forgiveness will focus on healing from the historical trauma of longtime abuses at US Indian boarding schools.

According to the Journey's sponsor, White Bison out of Colorado, historical trauma underlies persistent problems of substance abuse and suicides in Native communities.

The journey will travel to 23 boarding school sites, beginning May 16 at the present-day Chemawa (Shamawa) Indian School in Oregon and ending at the former Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. The Carlisle school was opened in 1879, and become the model school for assimilating Native children in the US and Canada for more than 50 years.

Last year, the Canadian prime minister apologized for widespread abuses of Native children at the schools. White Bison is currently circulating an online petition asking the new US President to do the same. At one time, there were nearly 500 of these boarding schools operating in the US.

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