Disgusted with Navajo Nation process

Dear Editor,

I am writing you this email to express my outright disgust with the Navajo Nation. I was born and raised on the Navajo Nation. I am half Navajo on my mom’s side.  I was brought up to be very proud of the Navajo reservation and it’s people.                    

That was until I tried to go to college. I started my college career at Dine College in Tsaile AZ, in 1987. I didn’t have a problem with financial aid then, since I am Navajo and it is a Navajo college. But, when I did try to go to other universities (Colorado & ASU), I got almost no financial help from the Navajo Tribe. I submitted all of the required/requested paper work, certificates, CIB, transcripts, etc, and they still denied me any type of help.

After my 3rd time being denied, I wrote to News From Indian Country, Indian Country Today and the Navajo Times. The Navajo Times wouldn’t return my calls or let me know if they even received my letter. The semester after I was interviewed by the papers, I got a scholarship from the Tribe!

I know that we are all having hard times financially, but you would think that the Navajo Nation would do a application and background check on people it loans money to, instead of just “giving it away,” like the $3.4 million it lost in investments or money paid to Hak Ghun. If Hak Ghun had to go through the same rigorous process that the Navajo students have too, he would have NEVER received any money!

Just thinking about this and writing this letter makes me furious.

I think our students deserve a better deal than having to fight tooth and nail for scholarships.

Navajo people. I am only 2 classes short of my BA in history. I cannot finish because I have no money to do so. The tribe probably lost enough money to pay for every student a scholarship.

The tribe is just hurting itself by not helping their own people get through school, so those same people can come back to the reservation and help.

Students across the nation need an economic bailout – forget the automakers!!!

I hope you print this so other students  know that they are not alone. Thank you.

Sincerely, Kathryn A. Mckibben

Window Rock, Arizona