Army Corp of Engineers drawing down Sandy Lake may impact Wild Rice crop

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for taking some of your time with me when I called on the above matter. This should be of utmost importance to all indian people.

Three of the reservoir lakes are surrounded by the Leech Lake Res (Cass, Leech and Winnibigoshish) they might have gotten most of the land but we still own the lakes.

When I was a young man I attended meetings with the Army Corps of Engineers with my dad, uncles and the elders from Sandy Lake. It was at these meetings they agreed not to draw the water down earlier that Sept. 15th, the sole purpose being because of the impact to the wild rice. That has been for over 50 years.

I don’t have proof but some up here are saying its so the farmers down south of here can use the water on their crops.

When they draw down Sandy Lake they release 60 CFS, and that is a lot of water. And that’s just one of the lakes maybe they do want it for the farmers.

At one of the meetings I attended members said they were all raised on farms.

The Chairman of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribal Executive Committee is Norman DesChampe I was told he can be reached at  218-475-2801

Once again I want to thank you let me know what happens.

George Tiessen
22781 579th st.
Libby, Minnesota 55752


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