No one spends like a Happy Native

Dear Editor,

There’s talk on the smoke signals that the “U.S. Government Economic/Stimulus Plan” to get people to spend money might work, but some fear it’s too little too late.

I would like to add to the spend money part. Every one knows the Native American Indians were ripped off and paid only penny’s on the dollar for valuable land and water, when it was more convenient than to just massacre them.

Broken Treaties or Broken Contracts, same old, same old, they are the same thing.

The U.S. of A. could now say whoops, sorry our mistake. Clarify the mistake, add new $ number. Pay off the American Indians the proper amount from a Government Fund, (Note) the U.S. Government owns a money printing machine.

This is no time to be cheap. I guarantee no one spends like a Happy Native American Indian.

The U.S of A. looks good to the world... economic stimulus achieved.... Everybody’s happy.

Allen D.Reyos
Alterra, USA