A Call from the elders at the top of the world

Dear Editor,

“We the people of the Far North are in great need of the support of the traditional leaders from the Four Directions to help us regain our spiritual strength in the face of rapidly changing times. With our land radically transforming in the face of climate change, we send you this call.”

On July 17, 2009, we, the Elders of Greenland are lighting the Sacred Fire in our homeland as a fulfillment of an ancient prophecy that one day, when the world needs it most, the Sacred Fire will once again return to Greenland.

Ashes from around the globe will be placed in the Sacred Fire in Greenland as part of the Fire & Ice Ceremony – a global powwow that merges spirit with leading science to find new solutions to a warming climate. We invite your community to send us ashes from your Sacred Fire – thereby uniting with us to bring a strong Indigenous voice to the climate change debate.

Carefully wrap a small handful of your sacred fire ashes in natural fiber cloth (cotton or wool), or in a small wood or bark container. Write on it the name of your tribal nation, the event or ceremony, the location, and the date. Please include in your envelope or mailing box a note with your contact information.

Mail them by June 1st, 2009, to:

In Canada: Ancient Wisdom for Earth
c/o Linda Bell,
1039 McNicoll Avenue, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON Canada  M1W 3W6

In the US: Ancient Wisdom for Earth
c/o Jane English, PO Box 185
Calais, Vermont 05648, USA

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