Hello my Brothers and Sisters.

Dear Editor

I apologize for not writing sooner as I've been busy with school. Iam writing this to pass along another saga that is affecting the Tigua Indians here in El Paso, Texas.

They have been trying to get the state of Texas to reopen their casino known as Speaking Rock. There has been another setback. They at the State Capitol are denying the reopening due to the Chiefs past history. They also are denying the reopening due to the fact that the women can't vote within the council.

I feel that this is not justified as one's past history has nothing to do with running a casino that is on soverign land. Or did this country forget that soverign land issues can't be touched? This is affecting the families who rely on the income so as to support their children's education and needs. We as Native Americans need to have a voice to show this country that they don't have a say on sovereign land. So much has been taken away and now they want to shut off the voices of the Tiguas.

So what I would like to ask from everyone is to give me some feed back from each of the Indian Nations whether women have the right to vote within the council in decision making and have you experienced a setback due to your tribal Chiefs past history whether DUI or some other form of legal matters?

It was stated by someone within the Navajo Nation that there needs to be a 51st state for Native Americans since we don't have a voice nor representation as many are afraid to speak out about taking care of our elders and children. We can't afford to have this nation walk all over us and dictate to us on how to live or where to build a casino.

Then there's the Ft. Sill Apaches trying to build a casino outside of Deming, New Mexico and the Governor told them that they can't build since its not on tribal lands or near a reservation.  And yet they secured land that was bought years ago with tribal money which used to belong to the Apaches in the past.

No names will be used so as to protect everyone when I make my voice heard to stand up for whats right for our brothers and sisters here known as the Tiguas. I appreciate any help and input and may the Great Spirit watch over everyone and protect you during these harsh moments. AJO! 

James Austin.