Looking to give fundraising options

Dear Editor,

I am playwright deeply connected to the Native American community through many years of sharing sobriety (I have 33 years) at meetings on reservations and in San Francisco Bay Area’s Native American youth groups and community centers. I have learned about your work through Joseph Trimbach, whose efforts for truth I fully support.

I want my writing about Native American sobriety to help the people AIM was suppose to help. My full length play about a Native American biker’s journey to sobriety, Eagle to the Sun, has already been produced and is now as screenplay. Several art pieces on similar themea might also be able to raise revenues  for social services on and off reservation, with the stated objective of the money helping a specific Native American group whose bona fides and achievements are provable, this might help.

Michael Horse, a well-known Native American actor, is enthusiastic about Eagle to the Sun, but is not an agent and is not in a position to promote the screenplay in order to get it produced.

I would appreciate any ideas or thoughts you might have about getting these fundraising projects into the hands of some honest and professionally competent people who are just as concerned about Native American integrity and survival as we are.

Please share this letter with others who you think might like to help.

Dr Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D.
El Sobrante, California
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