My personal appeal for assisting N. Scott Momaday

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I know your mail box is crammed with solicitations for contributions to support many worthy causes and organizations during this giving season, and I would not add to that but for a personal appeal to support the health care needs of one of Indian Country’s “Living Treasurers.”

You all know the work of N. Scott Momaday, Kiowa Pulitzer Prizewinning writer, scholar and sage, but perhaps you are unaware of the circumstances that Mr. Momaday is now facing.

Suffering from the debilitating affects of diabetes, Mr. Momaday requires 24/7 home health care and that has drained his personal finances as well as those of the care-giver organization that has been subsidizing those services.

It will be some time before Mr. Momaday is fully recovered and able to resume his work and that is why I’m writing to ask you to consider making a personal contribution to the care-giver service COMING HOME CONNECTION, a nonprofit Santa Fe based home health care service provider.

COMING HOME CONNECTION is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and so your contribution to help offset the costs of Mr. Momaday’s home health care is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the Internal Revenue Service. (Although I’m sure that is less important to you than is the opportunity to support one who has inspired generations of native scholars and enriched all of our lives through his remarkable talent.)

I’d ask three things of you to support this effort. Firstly, send your good thoughts and prayers for Mr. Momaday’s recovery. Secondly, Spread The Word and distribute this appeal or write your own to native list serves of which you’re a member, circulate among native professional associations, and share with all who might be able to contribute. Thirdly, write your personal check to COMING HOME CONNECTION, designating it for the N.Scott Momaday fund; and mail it to : Coming Home Connection, 418 Cerillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501. If you prefer to contribute by credit card go to where you can make a secure donation using either PayPal or your credit card.

Any contribution you can make will be sincerely appreciated. Best wishes for the holiday season to you and yours and may the New Year bring peace and goodwill across the globe.


Holly YoungBear-Tibbetts