Funmaker: In regards to Giving Thanks to mom and dad

Dear Editor,
I’m writing in response to your article in NFIC in the May 14, 2007, issue entitled “Giving thanks for mom and dad, and simple things.”

I am an enrolled member of the HoChunk Nation.

You really provided a good writing, I should say. To tell you the truth, I have not read anything like that in quiet a while, when you start to write about extended family. In other Indian newspapers across the states, I’ve never read any of that.

I think they tend to forget the values of brothers, sisters, grandparents and parents. And much of it they fail to write about it. I wish you would write more about it.

Maybe a lot more Native people would get involved with their family, because a lot of these younger people are getting away from heritage and being respectful of others.

My father is Kenny Funmaker Sr. He told me and my brothers once, “Sometimes people tend to turn their backs on people who really love them. Without understanding that they are always in the shadows watching.”

We’ve been up that way to sing a lot of times at the pow wow.

It makes me feel good to read important issues like that. So keep up the good work. May the Great Spirit Bless all of your staff for their fine work. “A-Ho.”

Respectfully, Ferguson Funmaker
Bear Clan