Looking for ManUp applicants, and eradicating violence against women

Dear Editor,

Hope this email finds you well. I was referred to you by Patty Talahongva who suggested I contact you regarding a very special campaign I've recently joined with called the "ManUp" campaign to help eradicate violence against women and girls around the world. ManUp Campaign has had some major recent developments and is progressing at top speed. Patty suggested I write to you in the hope that we can get some of our young leaders to team up together, share stories about what's going on in their homelands with other young leaders from all over the world and help make a difference.

A brief summary;
ManUp Campaign will take 200 outstanding young leaders (18-30) from 50 countries to South Africa for an international summit during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There, these leaders will participate for 5 days and share stories from each of their communities and come up with long-term solutions of how to eradicate gender violence in each of their communities using the tools and network support system that ManUp has created. There will be seed grants given to each of the 50 teams of 2 and 4 individuals, and these individuals will be elected from a selection process of applications submitted. All selected leaders will be flown to participate in the events at the international global summit at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and represent their communities. The dates of the event will be July 4-10, 2010.

As one of the creative consultants for ManUp, we agreed that the ManUp Campaign needs to have a Native delegation to represent one of the 50 territories who will speak at the summit in South Africa at the University of Johannesburg. I have been asked to reach out in Indian Country, and I am hopeful that you can help make a difference. A couple of the Board members have worked within Indian Country and one of the journalists actually covered a story in Newsweek about gender violence on reservations. Another has worked with Amnesty International for more than 20 years and with women in South Dakota regarding sexual assault on the reservations and have helped facilitate lobbying in DC for forensic testing on Indian reservations. You may already be aware that 85% of crimes against women on reservations are committed by non-Natives.

The deadline for applications was initially Jan 22, 2010, but it has since been extended to give some of the smaller communities a chance to get their applications in for the selection process. So far the response has been overwhelming, more than 500 applications have come in within one week from all over the world. We need our young leaders from Indian Country to help make a difference.

So far, ManUp has already raised nearly half million dollars and has the support of the Clinton Global Initiative, Warren Buffet Foundation, NOVO Foundation and Pepsi-Cola to name a few. Founder, Jimmie Briggs and I have expressed the need for a Native delegation as a "51st state", along with organizing an Elders Council, and after yesterday's meeting, there are so many more people on board who feel the same way. Harry Belafonte and many high profile celebrities are already in full support of ManUp campaign.

Please look at the website and also the application form attached and send it out to your extensive mailing list of young people and elders, attorneys, and tribal leaders. Our young Native leaders need to be present and represented at this very important summit.

As you can see time is of the essence and I truly appreciate your help in getting the word out and any advice.

Thanks so much for your help,

Martha Redbone

Creative Consultant volunteer for ManUp Campaign