Melton: Teachers try Thanksgiving lession more sympathetic to Indians

Dear Editor,
Thank you for the article “Teachers try Thanksgiving lessons more sympathetic to Indians.” It quoted from a James Loewen book Lies My Teacher told Me: Everything Your High School History Textbook Got Wrong. I found the reference so intriguing that I went out and bought the book.

I grew up with a Cherokee Grandfather who always greeted me after school with “What lies have they taught you today?” Not only was the need to set me straight about Columbus and Custer, but other subjects as well.

For instance, we were taught hat Teddy Roosevelt “took San Juan hill.” Not true, after the Ruff Riders tried and failed, Roosevelt sent for the Buffalo Soldiers from Fort Leavenworth. They succeeded but he would not have become president if the truth were known.

My Grandfather’s favorite quote was “History was written by the victors and is therefore a pack of lies.”
One very interesting chapter in Mr. Loewen’s book was about early explorers of American. It refers to evidence that Phoenicians explored New England about 500 BC.

Shortly after the book was published, the bottom of Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, was explored. It was found to hold pyramids, temples and stone smelting furnaces. It ties in with Aztaland pyramids nearby which may be as old as 3000 BC.
It does prove that we are still learning about our history and maybe that point should be made in history class today.

I have enjoyed your paper for over 20 years.

Bev Melton
Beloit, Wisconsin