Letter to Editor: States should return the illegal taxes

Dear Editor,

I was in a foxhole too. I realize most folks would agree that everyone should pay taxes and I agree with that.When Native American Indians were forced to move and put on reservations the government established laws for these reservations and tribes. The states  were limited on their ability to interfere with tribal affairs  including taxes.

Native American Veterans were illegally taxed while serving in the armed forces of the united states. A federal law was passed in 1940 to protect all military members from being treated unfairly while they were away from their homes  serving in the military.

According to section 514 of this law (SSCRA of 1940) Native American military pay shall not be taxed by the states tax laws but by their own tribes tax laws.

Every state that deducted  income taxes violated this federal law and cheated Native Americans out of  money. All Americans especially those in public office should recognize that states ignored this law and in doing so they illegally took money from veterans!

This law was established back in 1940 and the only state to admit  to its error was New Mexico. The state of New Mexico has agreed to  pay back this stolen money with interest to the native veterans of that state.

Anyone who knows a veteran or knew a veteran should be ashamed of the treatment that these cheated warriors have gone through. Stand up and tell everyone that all states should pay back this stolen money.

Richard Adame
Praire Band Potawatomi/U.S. Army
Mayetta, Kansas