Letter to the Editor: Each should maintain their own time and history

Dear Editor,

The ancient ones tell us of Zuni at El Morro and how true understanding and respect for oneself results in ultimate freedom without the use of power.

At an earlier time, the ancient ones at Millstone Bluff tell how the freedom you gain from true understanding and respect was lost for them. At Millstone Bluff, our ancestors developed a way to record the sun and their history.

By doing this, they surrender a part of themselves as they no longer had to maintain their own time and history.

Each person gave that little bit of themselves to the ones in charge at Millstone Bluff.

It may seem small, but it is the first step in giving up your personal freedom. How do we make sense and use this in our day and age?

I think a written history is good, but I also think each of us should maintain in our own mind our own time and history. By studying our own history, we learn how to make sense of our actions.

In other words, we learn a true understanding and respect for ourselves.


Bill Tanner

4189 Mann Lake Road

Metropolis, Illinois