UC Berkeley autonomous NAGPRA disbanded 7-07

Dear Friends,

The autonomous NAGPRA unit at UC Berkeley has
been disbanded, and with it, the only highly
trained, cohesive team that impartially
administers federal and state NAGPRA laws
affecting the second largest collection of Native
American remains and artifacts in the nation.

The University's decision was based on a report
written by two white archeologists who have
vested professional interests in keeping museum
collections of ancestral remains intact. One of
these men has a history of extremely hostile
relations with tribes over NAGPRA issues. The
review was conducted with a few days
notice-before tribes could be notified and
respond-and Native Americans were completely and
deliberately excluded from the process, despite
my vigorous insistence that they be represented.

This is a fundamental issue of respect and
discrimination, and I hope you will get involved
in our protest.

For more information, tribal resolutions
denouncing the University's decision, letters to
use as models for protest, talking points, email
addresses of officials, etc, please visit
http://nagpra-ucb.blogspot.com . If you have ANY
questions you can call me or NAGPRA supporters at
510-652-1567 or 510-457-8569.

IMPORTANT: Thus far, the University has refused
to respond to or even acknowledge our strenuous
protests. This stonewalling is a deliberate
strategy to let "facts on the ground" take over
and institutionalize the decision before Native
Americans can react. Please act as fast as you
can. Thank you.

Best regards,

Larri Fredericks, PhD
Alaska Athabascan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.