Crazy Horse to mark observance 5-2-07

CRAZY HORSE, S.D. (AP) - A daytime blast was planned for Thursday at Crazy Horse Memorial near Custer.

The blast on the mountain will mark the 60th anniversary of the day that sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski agreed to carve it into a monument to American Indians.

Crazy Horse is the world's largest sculpture in progress. It draws more than one million visitors each year.

The carving depicts the storied Sioux warrior astride a stallion.

The three-dimensional carving is 641-feet long and 563-feet high, or twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. All four presidential heads on Mount Rushmore, 17 miles away, would fit inside the head of the warrior.

There is no timetable for completion of the monument, although it may take several more decades.