Stockbridge-Munsee Casino/Hotel project expected to provide needed jobs

Bowler, Wisconsin (ICC)                                                         

The continuance of the North Star Mohican Casino project, now in phase II, has put local people back to work. Some have been able to continue with their positions, and as the project progresses, more are getting called back to work after layoffs.

“During this slow emergence of recovery, we are proud that the continuation of our construction project is providing much needed jobs to our local economy,” said Tribal President Kim Vele.

The North Star Phase 2 Project is creating in excess of 300 jobs. According to the Tribe’s General Contractor, Taylor-Woodstone, this number includes at least 223 construction field jobs and 64 administrative office jobs.  These total jobs count do not include the estimated 40 additional jobs from the Tribe’s direct contracts for furniture, furnishings and equipment or the 40 additional permanent jobs created to operate the new hotel and restaurants. More than eighty per cent of the jobs created are local. 

“Our company is committed to putting locals to work whenever and wherever possible”, said Doug Neisen, Project Manager for Taylor-Woodstone.

As the largest employer in Shawano County, Wisconsin, retaining and creating jobs is currently the Tribe’s highest priority. “Nothing beats a sense of security more than being gainfully employed,” said President Vele.