Va. farmer unearths what could be American Indian relics

Elk Hill, Virginia (AP) 6-08

A Virginia farmer staking out his vegetable garden unearthed dozens of arrowheads and what could be American Indian rock carvings.

Later this month, Glyn Hall may find out if any of the roughly 50 likenesses of bears, eagles and human faces are historically significant. State archaeologist Christ Stevenson plans to visit Hall’s 150-acre farm near the James River in western Goochland County to examine the items.

Stevenson has analyzed photos of the rocks and says most were probably formed by nature or cut by farm machinery. But he says he’s intrigued by the bear carving.

American Indian art often includes bears.

Hall says he thinks the finds were a spiritual gift. His great-grandmother was Cherokee and he wears a hammered silver bear necklace to honor the bear clan.