Students research Wichita Indian village

Arkansa City, Kansas (AP) 7-08

Student archaeologists working to find artifacts of a 18th century Indian village in northern Oklahoma are digging through muddy conditions to uncover the area’s history.

They bagged flint rock tools this week while researching three circular fortification ditches, which might have been used as protection against enemies and bad weather as the site was home to Wichita Indians. 


Also found were wooden post molds, possible evidence that a rectangular structure was built in one of the ditches in the village, believed to have a population of 1,500 people.

The 16 students and four supervisors from the Oklahoma State University field school had to find their own shelter during stormy days this past month, they said.

June 26 was the last day of their five-week stint at the Bryson-Paddock site, several miles south of the state line between Arkansas City and Newkirk, Okla.

“We had a couple of close calls, but it wasn’t too bad,” said Oklahoma State student Nick Caudle. “Out here it never got too bad. But at our campsite on Bear Creek a couple of times we had to get in cars.”